Native American Navajo healers called hataali are instrumental figures in the beautiful and mysterious culture of the Navajo indians. Through song, dance, sand paintings, and the burning of certain oils and woods they lead their people through life. This magickal scent is an authentic (and secret) blend that is used ritually to cleanse a area/person of bad or negative energies, promote well being, protection, psychic awareness, spiritual growth and to commune with the ancestors. Fantastic for any time you wish to completely cleanse yourself mind, body, and spirit and emerge refreshed and renewed. Redolent with exotic woods, sage,spices & resins.
omes packaged in 100g bags/jars and should easily provide you with 3 baths.

Directions: As tub is filling with hot water, sprinkle a couple spoonfuls of the bath potion into the bottom of the tub. You may need to agitate the water to help the salts dissolve, the hot water will help disperse the essential oils.

For ritual magick use, Light three candles and put them in a safe place in your bathroom.  Completely submerge your body into the scented water and splash it over you as you visualize the intended result. Once you are filled with the essence of the Goddess and have fully stated your pleas, you may then bathe as normal with your choice of soaps, etc. The salts will still give you their effects without your ritual but the effect will not be as strong.

Vandaag twee producten uit de spa wisdom lijn die ik in de sale heb gescored voor €8 per stuk bij The Body Shop waar ik aangenaam verrast door ben. Dus als je deze nog tegen komt, zeker meenemen!